Natural Disaster Limited Edition Lancaster Smoke Vinyl

Natural Disaster Limited Edition Lancaster Smoke Vinyl

Release Date: July 28, 2023
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Natural Disaster on the limited edition Lancaster Smoke vinyl. Only 500 available worldwide. 

*Signed Option comes with an 11x11 album cover art print signed by Bethany*

On the debut solo album from Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, the Los-Angeles based singer/songwriter takes close account of the endless catastrophes and upheavals of modern life, offering a high-minded and open-hearted response that makes room for compassion, imagination, and a radical sense of possibility.


Side A 

  1. Natural Disaster (3:38) 
  2. Outta Time (3:55) 
  3. It’s Fine (3:46) 
  4. Easy (3:44) 
  5. A Single Day (2:48) 
  6. My Own City (3:16) 

Side B 

  1. For A Moment (3:53) 
  2. Calling On Angels (3:17) 
  3. Real Life (3:20) 
  4. Hope You’re Happy Now (3:27) 
  5. It’s A Journey (3:59) 
  6. I’ve Got News For You (2:47)


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