Solar Music CD

Solar Music CD

Release Date: October 6, 2023
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Solar Music CD. (Signed or Unsigned)

*Signed copies come with an additional 5"x5" collectors album art print signed by the band*

The Richmond, VA band Butcher Brown’s new album Solar Music explores a blend of genres including Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul. Following the release of Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey and #KingButch, this forward-thinking band shares 17-tracks (with three additional single edits on digital) and includes featured guests: Pink Siifu, Braxton Cook, Jay Prince, Nappy Nina, Keyon Harrold, Michael Millions, Charlie Hunter and more. Available on CD, 2-LP and digitally.

Track List:

  1. Cozumel (0:51) 
  2. Espionage featuring Charlie Hunter (3:46) 
  3. I Can Say To You featuring Vanisha Gould (4:13) 
  4. MOVE (RIDE) featuring Jay Prince (2:27) 
  5. Turismo featuring Julia Shuren (1:51) 
  6. Eye Never Knew featuring Pink Siifu and Keyon Harrold (3:29) 
  7. No Way Around It (3:51) 
  8. Half of It featuring Nappy Nina (2:09) 
  9. DYKWYD featuring Braxton Cook (4:00) 
  10. Happy Hourrr (1:07) 
  11. Run It Up featuring Pink Siifu (2:47) 
  12. Pink Fur featuring Michael Millions (2:49)  
  1. This Side Of Sunshine (3:47) 
  2. BubbleBath (1:24) 
  3. Touring Pains (1:02) 
  4. It Was Me (2:56) 
  5. Around For A While (3:12) 

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