"Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey" BLACK VINYL + 7"

"Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey" BLACK VINYL + 7"

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Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey Featuring Tennishu and R4ND4ZZO BIGB4ND, deconstructs big band jazz and reshapes it in the band’s eclectic image. The album sounds nothing like your grandparents’ 45s. Randazzo adapted Tennishu’s rap beats for Butcher Brown and 10 other Richmond musicians, turning them into bold suites. Tennishu finds new pockets of rhyme amidst party-starting originals, while the ensemble delivers a blend of contemporary genre-smashing injected into the past. Vinyl includes 7” with two bonus tracks “Guitarmy” and “Peace."


Side A 

  1. Triple Trey – Intro / How Much A Dollar Cost (1:16) 


  1. Freeze Me  (3:45) 


  1. Liquid Light  (4:16) 


  1. Lawd Why  (3:25) 


  1. Git Along  (3:43) 


Side B

  1. 777 – Intro  (2:06) 


  1. 777  (2:54) 


  1. 777 – Outro  (1:15) 


  1. Breevin’  (3:24) 


  1. Cusian  (3:35) 


  1. Unbelievable  (3:49) 


  1. Triple Trey – Outro / How Much A Dollar Cost  (2:43) 


7" vinyl (only) companion 


Side A:  

  1. Guitarmy 

Side B:  

  1. Peace 

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